As a CV Writer, I’m fortunate enough to be privy to a range of discussions in the recruitment community. As it stands, sadly, they all share the same refrain: that the current business landscape is in turmoil. People are losing their jobs, fearing for their careers, and for their health – with pressure ratcheted upon business leaders and their talent management teams.  It would be wrong to sugar-coat this. However, all is not lost and opportunities abound for job seekers.

Today I want to help answer some of your questions about the current job search climate. Many job seekers may be thinking it’s time to pause their search while others are wondering if it might actually be a good time to job hunt.

Here’s what recruiters from the front lines have to say:

Hiring Has Gone Virtual

At this stage, many recruiters are reporting pretty normal hiring trends, with one small caveat. All interviews are being done virtually, over the phone or via Skype/Zoom/Team. However, there are some roles that require in-person interviews which will face unavoidable delays as remote working and essential travel requirements intensify.

Demand Has Shifted

Different industries have been hit differently throughout this time. While unemployment is climbing, many companies have an urgent or anticipated need to hire as things calm down in the coming months – so its really important that you keep applying.

Recruitment Process Has Slowed

The majority of recruiters still have roles to fill. The problem is, despite being able to host virtual interviews, their clients have become less responsive. Interviews are difficult to schedule, and everything is slowing down from a process perspective.

What Should a Job Seeker Do?

Throughout the pandemic, each week seems to bring with it a new normal. The hiring world, too, is likely to fall into a new normal as the coming weeks play out. As a job seeker, it’s important to stay positive and get creative. For example, start looking for contract or remote positions, as the hiring for those positions is typically done virtually.

Most importantly, the best thing job seekers can do right now is make it easy for recruiters to quickly see how they are qualified by keeping their CV current, clean, relevant and easy to navigate.

Finally, make use of recruiters! They have the inside scoop on which jobs are available and can help you figure out what type of job is the best fit right now. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with recruiters from all industries.

Thank you for your continued engagement during this time. I sincerely hope that we all get through this moment safely, taking care to mind those around us.