A great CV is more often than not, your ticket to an interview and a stepping stone to your dream job. It is your opportunity to sell your skills and experience to employers. In some cases, recruiters can receive hundreds of applications for positions and a polished CV can make you stand out from the crowd. So what makes a great CV? One that is specific and relevant. Not only is important to detail your education, employment history and technical competencies, but your CV should also explain how you can add value for the employer. Just be sure to avoid these common CV mistakes.

The Mistake: A generic CV
The Solution: With CVs, one size certainly does not fit all. You must tailor your CV to each and every position you apply for. If this sounds like a lot of work, think of it as an investment. If you invest your time and energy now, this could lead to a job with an industry-leading employer. That’s why every CV produced by ABCV Solutions comes with one-to-one coaching on how to edit the CV for different applications.

The Mistake: Too much personal information
The Solution: Delete it. Recruiters are not interested in your age, marital status, race or religion and save that lovely new photo for your Facebook profile picture as photos are not welcome on your CV.

The Mistake: Focussing on responsibilities
The Solution: Many candidates focus on their responsibilities rather than their achievements. Quantifying your achievements emphasises them makes for a more interesting CV and will help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re struggling to pinpoint achievement, ask an expert!

The Mistake: Poor formatting
The Solution: CVs should have a good flow so make sure your formatting is clear and consistent and you choose a font that is easy to read. Opt for bullet points over long paragraphs as unfortunately, most recruiters will not read paragraphs. Avoid templates. These are generally US-based designs that may look pretty but actually provide significantly less space for content.

The Mistake: Omitting Software Skills
The Solution: Sometimes it’s easy to take software proficiency for granted, especially if it’s used every day. Be sure to list out the relevant software packages that you are familiar with as these are often a requirement for technical positions.

If you recognise some of these mistakes in your CV, consider reaching out to a professional CV writer. ABCV Solutions is a professional CV writing service based in the UK. They have provided career coaching and CV writing services to hundreds of engineering and technical candidates to assist them in their search for work.