If you want to kick-start your career or work towards a new goal, promoting your distinctive brand through social media is a powerful way to establish credibility and build your professional network.

While the global economy is taking a massive hit due the global COVID-19 pandemic, digital platforms are seeing higher engagement rates than ever, with more people looking to information and entertainment online, and focusing their attention on social platforms and other apps.

Amid the lockdowns, many people have found themselves with a lot more time on their hands, which many are now using to try to build their personal brands, and maximise their profile through online platforms – and now may be a good time to do it!

All this could provide an opportunity to get your thoughts out there and to build your profile with a captive audience. If you’re not yet convinced, the following list outlines some of the key benefits of effective personal branding.


On a platform like LinkedIn, your personal brand is what sets you apart and highlights your value as an employee.


Having a strong personal brand can cement your status as a thought leader as your network will come to you for industry insights and knowledge on your company’s or employer’s field.


If you run your own company, your personal brand on social media allows you to bring some attention to your company and the products/services that you offer.


Increased visibility on social media means you become a daily reminder about the product/service you represent, which often means you are the first to come to mind when someone is ready to buy.

If you are an engineer or work in the technical sphere and are looking to maximise your personal brand, consider entrusting ABCV Solutions to manage your online presence. We research, design, author and post on all popular platforms to:

– Showcase your passion for what you do

– Demonstrate your expertise in action

– Drive-up connection engagement

– Earn trust as a thought leader in your field

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