LinkedIn Profile Optimisation


A 20-point injection of keywords, rich content and settings calibrations to put you on the radar with recruiters, groups and companies that want to find you. Each optimisation is different and uniquely geared into your preferred industry, discipline and location. Every order includes a 30-minute coaching session to hone in on the approaches that will boost your online presence.

We keep our ear to the ground, constantly mapping out changes in digital hiring technology to ensure the content and design of our popular LinkedIn Optimisation remain fine-tuned to tick all the right boxes and maximise visibility of your digital footprint. Every adjustment, every tweak is done for a reason. You’ll get…

  • Connections-building with recruitment agencies, companies and specialist LinkedIn groups
  • A robust character summary and employment section that defines your personal brand, tone-calibrated to fit ‘you’
  • Checking for unpublished recommendations, invitations and endorsements
  • ‘Find-me’ keyword optimisation to ensure you’re on the right recruitment radars
  • Spotlight career highlights and relevant skills
  • Emphasis on quantifiable achievements and stories that are unique to you!
  • New profile sections to improve search presence
  • Settings adjustments to increase profile visibility
  • Hi-def background image & personalised LinkedIn URL
  • Coaching on how to build your network and appear in search results