Did you know that the best way to get your CV noticed and to land an interview is to have an employee of the company refer you?

LinkedIn users can now request job referrals from their connections.

Earlier this week, LinkedIn introduced a new feature to add to its collection of job search tools. The referral feature is designed to help candidates find jobs based on where their connections work and ask them for a referral.

So how does it work?

Currently limited to the desktop site, job seekers can search for suitable job openings by title and then narrow down the results by selecting the new filter “in your network”.

Once the listings appear, all the connections currently working for the organisation can also be seen along with a button next to each saying “Ask for a Referral”.

After selecting the connection you like, click the referral button and you’ll see that LinkedIn automatically generates a pre-populated default message that you can personalise if you wish.

It’s that easy!

There’s no doubt that the tools for job hunters have improved over the last few years. Social media, with platforms like LinkedIn, are proving invaluable in helping careers grow across a wide range of professions.

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