According to IMF estimates global growth is projected at –4.9% in 2020. In fact, it has been reported that the downward impact from the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly endangered all socio-economic progress in the world since the 1990s. Despite Government initiatives to provide support to households and firms suffering the consequences of mandated restrictions on activity, it is anticipated many sectors are likely to emerge persistently smaller after the pandemic. Given we all are experiencing a crisis like no other along with an uncertain recovery, what is the best course of action to take during these throes of change?

Learn to sell your brand: Few job seekers know their brand, let alone how to sell themselves, especially those who have worked for a long time in the IT, FMCG and heavy industries such as Mining or Oil & Gas – just to name a few – assuming that the market will eat them up if they decide to leave.

Reinvent yourself: How can you play a winnable game worth playing in your career during a recession? Control your destiny or someone else will. To create new energy and momentum in your career, it’s essential to innovate and evolve. Consider aiming for project-based positions rather than operational, apply for a position on a different level of the org chart that you’re used to or possibly move into completely new industries thereby escaping a possible downward trend and assuring sustainable growth and momentum despite the economic plight.

Arm yourself with the ultimate self-marketing tools: Your CV and LinkedIn profile need to be aspirational as much as they are historical to achieve their purpose. They need to be thought of as online and offline strategic tools that help get you where you want to go. Writing a CV with that in mind is what ultimately separates a powerful CV from an effective one. Consider hiring a professional CV Writer with experience in your sector. Do your research and look for credentials and plenty of recommendations.

Uncover hidden jobs: With the news of large scale lay-off almost daily occurrences, the power in the job market shifts towards companies and we will transition into what is called a buyers’ market. This is a time where there is an abundant and ever-growing pool of applicants, shrinking hiring budgets, fewer open jobs and crushing competition among candidates. The vast majority of job seekers will have an increasingly hard time to find jobs because the open job market is drying up. For this reason, it’s vital you network with friends, family, peers and acquaintances to uncover hidden job opportunities.


Recessions are impossible to predict, but they are part of the inevitable ups and downs of the global economy. During these times it is necessary more than ever to be competitive in an overly saturated candidate market. Unless you take action now, you will run into closed doors during this recession. Redefine your positioning and branding and re-consider your job search strategy to avoid becoming the victim of restructuring or other rightsizing measures. Whether you lost your job or have decided you need something new, catching the signs of shifting tides has never been more important than now.


About the Author: Amelia Brooke is the founder of ABCV Solutions, the UK’s only CV writing service exclusively dedicated to the engineering and technology sectors. ABCV Solutions’ expert CV writing, personal branding and presentation enhancement techniques can help you stand out for all the right reasons. Visit ABCV Solutions for more information or connect with Amelia on LinkedIn.