I’ve checked out, but how do I pay?

After checkout, hit ‘Proceed to PayPal’ at the bottom of the page. Once redirected, log in to your PayPal account or simply use the guest checkout. Fill out the required fields and click ‘Pay Now’ to complete secure payment.

I’ve checked out and paid. Will you need anything else?

Yes. You’ll need to complete the insight questionnaire so that we can deliver on our promise of a hand-in-glove fit for any of our services. The questionnaire will tell us who ‘you’ are, where you’re at and where you want to be.

To find it, check your email post-checkout and you’ll find one with your secure ABCV password which you’ll use alongside your email to log in via the link provided, or via our home page. Take the time to carefully complete and submit the questionnaire and you’ll really be helping us to help you.

For CV and Cover Letter orders, you’ll also need to upload your existing CV plus any relevant documentation like the job ad, role spec and any other materials you’d like to showcase as part of your application.

I ordered a CV and/or Cover Letter. When will I get them?

If you’ve already submitted the insight questionnaire (see above) and uploaded your CV with supporting documents, then allow up to 7 working days for your first draft CV and 2 working days for Cover Letters.

If we need anything else, we’ll get in touch as promptly as we can. If you’re flat out, then get back to us when you can though expect things to take longer if we can’t continue without your input.

What happens after I submit my CV and Questionnaire?

We won’t waste time. Expect a handshake phone call or email usually within one working day to break the ice and set things in stone. The icebreaker call or email is our chance to request anything else we need, and your chance to ask questions and tell us anything else you think would be useful.

What are your CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn turnaround times?

That depends. So long as we have everything we need, like your uploaded CV, job spec and completed insight questionnaire, then expect….

  • First draft CV – Within 7 working days.
  • Cover Letter – Within 2 working days.
  • LinkedIn Optimisation – Within 2 working days.
  • Closing date hours away? Try our Express Service for 24 and 48 hour turnaround options.

Once you accept the first draft CV via your ABCV account, we’ll send you the final version in MS Word and PDF formats within 2 working days. Be aware that Cover Letters and LinkedIn Optimisations won’t include draft approvals.

Can you send me a sample of you work?

Put simply, no we don’t. As every CV, LinkedIn profile or social media campaign is unique to each client’s skills, experience, seniority and forward focused ambition, we’re not in the habit of providing samples of our work. Instead, we rely on the many positive recommendations people leave us on social media. You can find check to see who wrote the recommendations and what they had to say here > Testimonials

How about edits? Do I have to accept the first draft?

No. We know recruitment, but you know ‘you’ better than we do. Perhaps you’ve recently gained a new qualification, completed an impressive project, or perhaps you’d just like us to make a few cosmetic tweaks.

For CVs we’ll make edits at zero cost requested within 2 working days of receiving your first draft and before you’ve accepted the first draft CV via your ABCV account. LinkedIn services and Cover Letters don’t include draft approval and edits.

And will I pay again for a second draft? How long will it take?

No, though there are a couple of caveats. For CVs, we’ll chisel and smooth any bumps and blemishes at no extra cost so long as the edits requested are within reason and within 2 working days of having your first draft issued. If you’ve already accepted your first draft, then edits won’t be free.

Also, if the edits requested start to build up to the point where we’re virtually starting again, then we’ll need to charge you again, though we’re confident you won’t want to scrap the whole thing.

I’ll take a tailored CV for now… can I add the LinkedIn Optimisation and Cover Letter later?

Sure, why not? Come back to us when you’re ready and we’ll pick up where we left off to complete the set.

Should I take a Mid-level, or Executive tailored CV? Which am I!?

As a mid-level candidate you’re likely people-centric, managing and mentoring personnel and their performance. Exec CVs are a different ballgame altogether and require a little (sometimes a lot!) more elbow grease from us. Because executives implement and oversee commercial strategies, the dreaded corporate spiel tends to creep in making your applications dry and inaccessible.

If your CV is starting to look like it needs an appendix page, then choose the Exec tailored CV for a more hands-on approach that will help sand down the jargon and bring back the buff and shine so that hiring managers can see ‘you’ through all the spiel. Send us your CV and we’ll be glad to make an honest recommendation.

How do your Social Media Audits work?

Ordering a social media audit? We’ll contact you directly to request details of your online profiles along with your personal or business objectives. You’ll receive a full breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of your existing online image across a maximum of 4 platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram). Should take under 5 working days, unless we’re not able to contact you if we need your input.

What if my new CV & Cover doesn’t get me hired? Can I get a refund?

Because our services are tailored and personalised to your specifications, the UK’s Consumer Protection ‘cooling off’ period regulations do not apply and so we’re only able to offer refunds if the request is made in writing prior to our having started the work, and within 24 hours of payment having been made.

We’ll do our darnedest to ensure what we deliver meets what you expect of us, and what we expect of us. We can get you in the running, but we can’t do anything about the other candidates so we can’t guarantee you’ll get hired. To ensure your interviews are as memorable as our CVs, perhaps consider our powerful Powerpoint Presentation Design service.