We all know poor spelling and grammar are unforgivable CV mistakes. However, to stand out from the crowd, some candidates include unnecessary information in their CVs. But sometimes the things you omit from your CV can be just important as the things you include.

So make sure that your CV doesn’t include any of these lesser-known mistakes that might ruin your chances of making it through to the interview stage.

We’ve exposed 5 unusual mistakes and provided pointers on what you should never include in your CV:

1: Not doing your research

One of the most damaging CV mistakes that candidates make happens well before they start writing their CV, and that is failing to research their target roles. Regardless if you’re a recent Graduate or top tier Project Manager, if you start writing your CV without knowing exactly what your desired employers are looking for, then you are setting yourself up to fail.

To avoid this pitfall, take some time to browse through relevant job vacancies and make a list of the most important candidate requirements. Be sure to include all the most relevant attributes in your CV.

2: An unprofessional email address

Your CV is a professional document and the first chance you have to make an impression, so it’s a big mistake to brand the top of it with an unprofessional email address such as slackjaw_jim007@hotmail.com. An easy solution is to simply set up a new account based on your full name.

3: Unnecessary Private Information

Including personal details such as marital status, religious views, nationality and date of birth not only take up valuable space, they could be perceived as discriminatory in the UK. Unless specifically requested by the hiring organisation, it’s best to leave these out. The only dates required are the dates related to your education and employment.

4: Including salary details

The purpose of your CV is to win job interviews by demonstrating you have suitable skills and experience for your target jobs. Including your salary requirements on your CV can not only seem a little forward but it can also damage your negotiation powers when it comes to offering stage.

5: Keyword overload

Some candidates pack their CVs with repeated key terms and phrases in an attempt to ensure their CV passes the CV scanning software that many companies use. However, this can often look hugely unnatural and doesn’t make for great reading when a human lays eyes upon it. Instead, focus on what makes you the best candidate and include information that makes your CV stand out, not what depletes it!

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