Today, we celebrate our 1000th Tweet with – you guessed it – this blog post and a Tweet about it.

Since establishing ABCV Solutions in 2014, our main focus remains high quality, well-written CVs for clients across the engineering spectrum. We take pride in our ability to explore the unique skills, achievements as well as ambitions of each client to prepare meticulously correct, succinct and engaging CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters.

But it doesn’t end there.

Over the years our service offerings have expanded so we’d like to take this opportunity to share a rundown of all our services and reveal where we see ourselves heading in the future.

CV Writing for Engineers and Technical Specialists

In a competitive job market, writing an engineering CV can be a daunting prospect. It’s usually the first thing recruiters and hiring managers will consider and your first opportunity to make a big impression. We’ve helped hundreds of clients from all over the world by providing them with confidence-boosting CVs that get results.

From helping a Nuclear Physicist with the much-needed editing of a 17 page CV to a local Boiler Engineer in need of a CV written from scratch, we’ve delivered tailor-made, individually written marketing pieces, each perfectly balanced to provide a professional, modern and positive impression.

LinkedIn Profile Creation and LinkedIn Optimisation

Because a LinkedIn profile is not a copy and paste of your CV, it’s  more of a combination of a sales pitch, a personal statement, and a digital business card; it’s essential to utilise the platform’s ever-changing algorithms, take advantage of the newly added features and ensure content is keyword rich and reader-friendly.

Either using an existing account or creating a new one from scratch, we follow a 20-Point Optimisation Programme enabling our clients to reach their target audience, increase profile views and connect to a network of over 500+ million members worldwide.

Cover Letters, Suitability Statements and Engineering Chartership Applications

If there’s one thing that all job seekers have in common, it’s that they hate writing cover letters. With a passion. The same applies to tedious suitability statements that specifically connect your skills to the selection criteria. The reality is, if you get bored writing them, the chances are a hiring manager’s bound to get bored reading them, right?

Our cover letters create an immediate professional impression by matching the layout of the CV. The customised script convincingly covers why you’re right for the job without rehashing your CV and credibly demonstrates your interest in the company.

When it comes to Engineering Chartership Applications, each client’s requirements are assessed and quoted on a case by case basis.  While some clients need only a final proof-read and edit, others require a full gap analysis between the criteria and their responses followed by a complete re-write.

Job Board Registration

Finding the right job can sometimes feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. We offer a unique Job Board Registration Service that includes online registration and upload of your new professionally written CV onto three relevant Job Boards. We tailor this service based on your discipline and industry to best showcase your skills, allowing recruiters to locate you and providing you access to search and apply for hundreds of job vacancies.

In 2017, ABCV Solutions partnered with Engineering.Community the job site and online network. The site is a major recruitment channel for technical employers and recruiters searching and advertising for members with specific engineering skills. Why not take a look?

Job Interview Presentations

Increasingly, candidates who’ve made it to the final stage of the interview process are asked to prepare a presentation to the hiring panel, usually with very short notice! From intricate financial projections to communicative business plans we have designed PowerPoint presentations for candidates from all industries, disciplines, and stages of their career.

Like our CVs, all our presentations are bespoke. This means that your presentation will be as unique as you are, with no recognisable templates from off the shelf websites.

Social Media Marketing.

While a CV and LinkedIn profile are essential tools for the modern professional, it’s said that nothing gets a candidate ahead like networking. A networking today is a contact sport!

If you want to kick-start your career or work towards a new goal, promoting your distinctive personal brand through social media is a powerful way to establish credibility and build your professional network.

Managing a competitive social media presence is time-consuming and hard. We take away all of the stress of having to continually source, design and oversee daily postings on all social media platforms. And through detailed research and analysis, we’re able to direct your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ profiles to your target audience.

Public Speaking and Industry Engagements

Sitting at a computer all day isn’t fun for anyone. That’s why we love to escape the office and meet as many people face-to-face as possible. We’re always promoting the upcoming events and enjoy contributing in a variety of settings, from world-class recruiting expos to local schools and careers days.

Coming up in 2018:

MIA Motorsport & Automotive Industry Jobs Fair, Silverstone (25th April) – CV Writing and LinkedIn Profile Presentations

Scotland Engineering & Tech Apprenticeship and Graduate Careers Fair, Edinburgh (26th Sep) – On the Spot CV Reviews & CV Advice

So a lot has changed during the build-up to our 1000th Tweet as we’ve grown both in size and built upon our core CV writing services. What will change as we work toward 2000 Tweets? Follow us on Twitter to find out!

ABCV Solutions is the only UK-based professional CV writing company 100% dedicated to the engineering sector. From application to interview, ABCV Solutions offers everything you need to equip yourself for winning your next role including; Professional CV Writing, LinkedIn Optimisation, Interview Presentations and Social Media Management for individuals and businesses.

Don’t forget, if you’d like a free CV review or advice on any of our services, reach out in confidence or drop us an email at with your contact details.