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Top 5 Time-Wasters Killing Your Job Search Prospects

Job hunting is no fun. That’s expected. The usual job search experiences range from seemingly unending rejections to permanent communication black holes from job sites or recruiting firms. The whole job searching experience is often difficult and time-consuming.

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How Modern is Your Engineering CV?

Increasingly we’re meeting engineering professionals from all walks of life who are facing the same issues and who are unsure about how to navigate these in the new world of job search. What is clear is that doing the same things to find a job today as you did five or ten years ago will no longer produce the same results.

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Applicant Tracking Systems Explained

Did you know that Google received 2 million job applications in 2017? And, Facebook receives somewhere in the ballpark of 250,000 job applications each year? When applying for a vacancy with large engineering or tech companies, many candidate’s CVs must first survive the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before an actual person looks at them. Read this article to find out how to get your CV ranked highly within applicant tracking systems, so that it can then go through to the next stage of the recruitment process and be seen by internal recruiters and hiring managers.

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How to Create Your Online Brand

There has never been a time in history where it has been easier, cheaper or more efficient to shape your personal brand to highlight your passion, spotlight your skills and expose to the world, your accomplishments. The proliferation of online platforms has made it possible to deftly create or sculpt a specific identity that conveys who you are, your particular interests and your ultimate objective in life. Let’s take stock of some of the possibilities that we tend to recommend to our engineering and technical clients.

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Is social media helping or harming your job search?

Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and other internet sites to source and screen candidates. It’s fast becoming an attractively integrated HR and Marketing strategy that supports the recruitment process for businesses both large and small.

Although most employers use social resourcing to look for information that supports an applicant’s qualifications for the job, others look to identify and assess if the candidate has a professional online persona aligned with the company’s values. This involves searching for what other people are posting about the candidate across a variety of social media platforms and popular search engines.

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Scotland Engineering & Tech Apprenticeship & Graduate Careers Fair 2018

Join ABCV Solutions Director, Amelia Brooke and other inspiring engineering and technology employers who will share their insights on what it is like to work for them and what you can expect from pursuing a career in engineering.

Hosted by EqualEngineers, come along to this lively event to find out about apprenticeships, placements, internships and graduate opportunities. Don’t forget to bring along your CV and drop in for a FREE CV Review.

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5 Ways to Celebrate International Update Your Resume/CV Month

September is International Update Your Resume Month! Most people don’t think about updating their resumes (or CVs as we like to call them here in the UK) until they find a suitable vacancy. But updating your CV doesn’t need to be a time consuming or painful experience.

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Should You Upload Your CV to LinkedIn?

There’s no doubt that the tools for job hunters have improved over the last few years. Social media, with platforms like LinkedIn, are proving invaluable in helping careers grow across a wide range of professions.

The mistake that many job seekers make, however, is to simply upload their CV to sites such as LinkedIn – the truth is that this platform is a great marketing opportunity and you’ve got some prime advertising real-estate to play with.

Get it right, and it should draw potential employers to your profile and significantly increase your chance of getting that dream job.

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Good Design Is Good Business

Why is good design, good business? This blog explores the top 5 reasons how a well-designed CV, presentation or social media presence can have a dramatic impact on your job search results.

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6 Reasons Why a Good CV Really Matters

Writing a CV can be difficult. For some of us, it’s something that comes naturally. For others, it’s the kind of thing that sends a cold shiver down the spine. Whether it’s your English reticence for blowing your own trumpet or simply that you don’t have a creative way with words, the truth you need to understand is that your CV really does matter.

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6 Easy Ways to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

No matter what stage you are in your career, having a strong LinkedIn profile can help you be discovered for new opportunities, so it is important it’s updated to reflect the current version of you.

Here are our top 6 tips on how to keep your LinkedIn profile fresh and engaging:

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Celebrating Our 1000th Tweet!

Today, we celebrate our 1000th Tweet with – you guessed it – this blog post and a Tweet about it.

Since establishing ABCV Solutions in 2014, our main focus remains high quality, well-written CVs for clients across the engineering spectrum. We take pride in our ability to explore the unique skills, achievements as well as ambitions of each client to prepare meticulously correct, succinct and engaging CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters.

But it doesn’t end there.

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LinkedIn users can now request job referrals from their connections

Did you know that the best way to get your CV noticed and to land an interview is to have an employee of the company refer you?

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Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile with Keywords

Your LinkedIn profile is key to promoting your professional credentials online and relies heavily on search results to drive people to your information.

It’s a great idea to invest some time in optimising your LinkedIn profile because many companies use a tool called LinkedIn Talent Solutions to search for candidates via keywords, location, industry and a number of other parametres.

To stand out from the millions of other LinkedIn profiles, you’ll want to make sure you’re maximising your relevant keywords.

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Getting ready for the GDPR

In May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes will be coming into force. The intent of GDPR is to bring together and update existing data protection regulations within the EU, ensuring they reflect how companies now engage with data.

Whether you’re a candidate, a recruiter or a business here are the 3 things you must know about the GDPR introduction in May 2018:

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Let’s work on improving your job prospects in 2018

The start of the year is a great time to set goals for the year ahead. We’re almost at the end of January so let’s focus on getting on top of your ‘to-do’ lists and work on improving your job prospects.

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Tips for coping with a sudden job loss

With the news of the failed building firm Carillion making headlines this week and with thousands of workers standing to lose their jobs as the company goes down, it’s perhaps a good time remind ourselves that it’s how we act on the news we get that determines our success in getting a good new job after the loss of one. Here are our tips on how to bounce back:

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Why do I need my CV professionally written?

In a competitive job market, writing a CV can be a daunting prospect. It’s the first thing recruiters and hiring managers will consider and your first opportunity to make a big impression.

Download our guide to writing the perfect CV, and learn about the most common mistakes and omissions in engineering and technical CVs.



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10 Most Common Misspelled Words in Engineering CVs

Your CV is often the first contact you make with a potential employer, and it can make or break your chances of getting to the next step in the hiring process. As simple as they may be to avoid, spelling errors are the most common mistakes we see in engineering and technical CVs.

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Is Contracting Right For You?

Working 9 to 5 isn’t the only way to make a living. The number of people turning to self-employment and contracting has increased by 25% since 2001 with no signs of slowing down. Despite the rise of the ‘gig economy’, contractors have been working this way for years and 70% of them do so out of choice instead of necessity – but is it right for you?

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Five top tips to succeed in behavioural interviews

Does the mere thought of attending an interview start your palms sweating and fill you with a sense of dread? Don’t panic! Being interviewed need not be an arduous experience. Knowing what to expect will enable you to be better prepared and allow your confidence to shine through!

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Exposed! 5 Damaging Mistakes Ruining Your Engineering CV

We all know poor spelling and grammar are unforgivable CV mistakes. However, to stand out from the crowd, some candidates include unnecessary information in their CVs. But sometimes the things you omit from your CV can be just important as the things you include.

So make sure that your CV doesn’t include any of these lesser-known mistakes that might ruin your chances of making it through to the interview stage.

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Tips on Social Media Etiquette When Job Hunting

Many job hunters don’t realise just how important social media is when they apply to a company.  One stunning statistic is that almost half of employers have decided not to interview a candidate after reviewing their social media timelines.

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The Importance of Goal Setting in Your Job Search Strategy

We all know that goal setting is important. If you want to develop your career or land the job of your dreams you certainly need a good plan and a list of achievable aims to get you there. One mistake many job seekers make, however, is not applying a goal setting strategy to their application process.

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ABCV Solutions Partners With Engineering.Community

ABCV Solutions is proud to announce a new partnership with the job site and online network, Engineering.Community.

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The Difference Between a CV and a LinkedIn Profile: Why you need to have both

Your LinkedIn profile and your CV share some common attributes, but they also have some very real differences. What looks great in your online profile might not look so impressive when you push it onto your CV and vice versa, partly because they are different mediums, and partly because of what they are used for.

If you are serious about promoting your career prospects and sending out the right message to the key people, you need to have both working for you.

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The Taboo of CV Writing

Your CV is perhaps the most important marketing tool at your disposal if you are hunting for a new job. Unfortunately, many job seekers either struggle to put together that great CV themselves or make the mistake of outsourcing to a cheap and often substandard service.

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All change please – LinkedIn’s new layout

By now LinkedIn’s 400+ million users will have noticed a change to the site’s user interface. According to LinkedIn’s Chris Pruett, “this complete overhaul of technology architecture is the largest desktop redesign since LinkedIn’s inception”.

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What style of CV is best for me?

As the title suggests, we often get asked ‘what style of CV is best’?. The answer depends entirely on the individual and their chosen role and industry. Here’s a brief summary of the 3 most common styles.Read more

More Than One Industry = More Than One CV

Recently, we assisted an individual who wanted to use his CV for a number of positions, across multiple industries. Despite having all the transferrable skills and experience required for each of the positions,Read more

Have you ever got a job through LinkedIn?

Earlier this week I noticed a recruiter post a simple question that invited users to share their experience on LinkedIn. “Have you ever got a job through LinkedIn? Write yes/no below to see how effective this site really is” Read more

Do yourself a favour – update your job search credentials

Looking for a job or not – you should always maintain a current CV, LinkedIn profile and register with relevant job sites. In an ideal world, we are all in the job we love, on the right salary for our skills and being pushed to excel by our employer.Read more

Algorithmic decision-making vs. EU Law

Algorithms used in application tracking software discriminate. It’s what they’re programmed to do. For hopeful job seekers, this could mean automatic rejection for a dream job without ever knowing the reason why.

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