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Is it Time to Clean up Your Social Media Presence?

Today’s recruiters and hiring managers are looking at the total picture when assessing candidates to fill their vacant job roles. While a CV may present the best version of you that you want a potential employer to see, they can find out a lot more about you from your social media presence.

How to Quantify Your Accomplishments on a CV

No longer are CVs merely a listing of jobs and duties. The most impactful CVs describe your experience with an eye toward its scope, tasks, action and results. The best way to do this is to include high-quality accomplishments which are quantifiable and measurable.

5 Tips for Writing a Career Change CV

With the UK unemployment rate currently at its lowest level since November 1974, it seems that every day brings new articles demonstrating how employers are enticing the best talent money can buy to join and stay with their organisation. However, research from first direct shows that 47 per cent of Britons are unsatisfied with their careers and describe their work life as “unfulfilling”. Not only are almost half of UK staff people unhappy with their jobs but they are hoping to change careers completely.

LinkedIn’s Latest Feature: Recommended Matches

Did you know LinkedIn is currently testing a new feature called “Recommended Matches” to help employers find the ideal candidates to fill their vacancies?

Improve Your Prospects with LinkedIn Recommendations

I often get asked the question “What is the best way to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation?” But before I answer that, I want to explain the benefits you will gain from requesting and displaying recommendations on LinkedIn.

Career Elevator Pitch: A How-To Guide for Job Seekers

Mastering a career elevator pitch can be hugely beneficial when you’re job hunting. It lets you summarise your value and expertise and deliver it quickly and succinctly so that you can position yourself well and maximise your worth to a potential employer.

Top 5 Time-Wasters Killing Your Job Search Prospects

Job hunting is no fun. That’s expected. The usual job search experiences range from seemingly unending rejections to permanent communication black holes from job sites or recruiting firms. The whole job searching experience is often difficult and time-consuming.

How Modern is Your Engineering CV?

Increasingly we’re meeting engineering professionals from all walks of life who are facing the same issues and who are unsure about how to navigate these in the new world of job search. What is clear is that doing the same things to find a job today as you did five or ten years ago will no longer produce the same results.

Applicant Tracking Systems Explained

Did you know that Google received 2 million job applications in 2017? And, Facebook receives somewhere in the ballpark of 250,000 job applications each year? When applying for a vacancy with large engineering or tech companies, many candidate’s CVs must first survive the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before an actual person looks at them. Read this article to find out how to get your CV ranked highly within applicant tracking systems, so that it can then go through to the next stage of the recruitment process and be seen by internal recruiters and hiring managers.