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Celebrating ABCV Solutions’ 8th Birthday!

As I celebrate eight incredible years as ABCV Solutions, I can’t help but look back at everyone and everything that has helped, guided, taught, partnered and shared with me.

CV Do’s & Don’ts: How to Sell Yourself Without Bragging

CVs can be a tricky balance. If you’ve been raised to downplay your successes, then selling yourself on your CV may not come naturally to you. Then, in a concentrated effort to blow your own trumpet, it can be easy to go too far the other way and come across as fake. The key is to aim for the sweet spot in the middle, listing your skills, experience and achievements honestly, but presenting them in their very best light. Here are the dos and don’ts of how to sell yourself on your CV without going overboard.

5 star achievements

Why You Should Focus on Achievements Rather Than Duties

Recruiters and employers receive dozens, if not hundreds of CVs on a daily basis. This puts any prospective employee in a position where they must be able to present their accomplishments and achievements to set them apart from other potential candidates. As such, a CV must not only present information in a coherent and detailed manner, but it must also do so with impact and uniqueness in mind. One way to strategically place yourself above other applicants is by including your key achievements.

Updating Your CV Is Not Longer Optional – Here’s Why!

If you are thinking about a job change…even just considering it…your CV needs updating.

Using the same CV you’ve used for many years without considering strategy, modern tactics, or next-level job alignment is risky.

Take this example:

Stay Positive

5 Proven Ways to Stay Positive While Job Searching

On average only 11% of applications made to job boards receive a response. So dealing with unsuccessful job applications is both common and normal.  You can’t get every job you go for – but that doesn’t mean your confidence and self-esteem won’t be affected.

New Year, New Job? Here’s How To Resign Professionally!

Happy 2022! Often a New Year signals a time for a change, and I’m sure you’ve heard the “New Year New You” cliché many times already! Changing to a new job can’t happen without quitting your current position. Although it seems as simple as giving proper notice, it’s not always that easy. That’s because resigning professionally is vital to maintaining a good reputation.

Top 5 CV mistakes (& solutions!)

A great CV is more often than not, your ticket to an interview and a stepping stone to your dream job. It is your opportunity to sell your skills and experience to employers. In some cases, recruiters can receive hundreds of applications for positions and a polished CV can make you stand out from the crowd. So what makes a great CV? One that is specific and relevant. Not only is important to detail your education, employment history and technical competencies, but your CV should also explain how you can add value for the employer. Just be sure to avoid these common CV mistakes.

The Great Resignation: What it means for you!

Is the idea of going back into your workplace the worst thing you could possibly think of? Many of us have had time to think about our jobs and if they are actually what we really, truly want to be doing. So why waste anymore being in a job that doesn’t satisfy you? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! In fact, you are part of what is known as The Great Resignation. This post explains what this means and why now is as good as any time to start looking for your new engineering role!

Introspection enables job search success!

Introspection is an important tool at any stage of your career, but it is especially critical when looking for a new job. Without it, you could find yourself in a prolonged job search or an undesirable working situation. Many of my clients are surprised that they’re expected to play such an active role in preparing their new CV. Before the design and writing start, clients are asked to dedicate time to introspection. This process involves looking inward to examine their motivations, reflect on past achievements and define what they expect to get out of future employment opportunities.