By now LinkedIn’s 400+ million users will have noticed a change to the site’s user interface. According to LinkedIn’s Chris Pruett, “this complete overhaul of technology architecture is the largest desktop redesign since LinkedIn’s inception”.

Once you’ve received access to the new version of LinkedIn, there is no way to opt out and return to the old experience. So, here’s a summary of the top 8 changes affecting the typical job seeker, both passive and active.

  • When people view your profile, they’ll only first see the first two lines of your Summary section, so it’s vital that each word is selected with care for maximum impact.
  • Viewers no longer see the content of previous experience without manually clicking ‘See description’ for each role.
  • Only the top 3 Skills and Endorsements are automatically visible without clicking ‘View More’.
  • You can no longer change the order of the Sections of your LinkedIn
  • The biggest change on LinkedIn is in the search functionality. You can no longer filter searches by keyword, first and last name, title, and location. However you can filter by the level of connections (first, second, or third), general locations, companies, industries, profile language, non-profit, language, and schools.
  • Saved searches and tagging are no longer available for free.
  • The new recommended size for the background photo is 1536 x 768 pixels
  • Now, more than ever, LinkedIn wants users to share ideas, post an article and join discussions. The new platform promotes a ‘contribute and be seen approach’ using algorithms to promote your content with others.

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