ABCV Solutions is proud to announce a new partnership with the job site and online network, Engineering.Community.

Unlike most job boards, Engineering.Community provides the perfect platform to engage with other like-minded members and positively network with companies and individuals while raising your engineering profile.

The site is also a major recruitment channel for technical employers and recruiters searching and advertising for members with specific engineering skills.

Take full control of your career today.

Register with Engineering.Community to create your profile, access top vacancies and participate in industry discussions, debates, and unique opportunities. Start shouting about what you can do and what you have done to recruiters and employers. Be proud of your career and achievements.

When you become a member you’ll gain instant access to high-quality vacancies and recruiting organisations saving you hours (or even days) creating lists of potential employers to approach.

By uploading your CV to your extensive profile, you’ll ensure you are only targeted by recruiters and companies for opportunities that really interest you and match your skill set.

Free to join. Sign up today.

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