Writing a CV can be difficult. For some of us, it’s something that comes naturally. For others, it’s the kind of thing that sends a cold shiver down the spine. Whether it’s your English reticence for blowing your own trumpet or simply that you don’t have a creative way with words, the truth you need to understand is that your CV really does matter.

It’s Your Own Personal Marketing Tool

People often forget this side of things, which is why they don’t give as much importance to how a CV is written and presented. Purely and simply put, this is one of your primary marketing tools and has the power to sway any potential employer – if you only get it right.

Getting It Wrong Means Missing Out

To create a great CV, you need to be focused on every word, be clear about what you include and exclude and understand intimately what is going to attract the attention of the employer you are hoping to impress.

It’s the First Thing Potential Employers See

For most jobs, the CV is the first thing that an employer will see that concerns you. For many positions nowadays, companies will get hundreds if not thousands of applications, and they will have a brutal process for sifting the non-starters from the maybes.

If you want to get your CV into the right pile for further consideration, it needs to hit the mark within the first few seconds. In other words, you need to catch your reader’s attention and hold it.

It Helps You Stand Out

That competition is the single major factor when you start thinking about what to put on your CV and how to present it to your audience. You might like to think that your application will be considered carefully, whatever you write, but this is not the case.

You need to take a good, hard look at the job spec and compile your CV so that it hits the bullseye first time.

It Can Drive the Interview Process

A great CV also has the potential to drive the interview process and make things a lot easier for you if you get to that stage. Highlighting areas which are going to be of interest to a prospective employer can mean you spend more time talking about your achievements and successes than trying to answer difficult prepared interview questions.

It Encourages You to See Your Achievements Clearly

Finally, paying more attention to your CV encourages you to look at your employment history more positively. Once you understand the power of how to word things and where to put them, you’ll begin to discover that you have a lot of achievements that could be useful in any new job you are applying for.

The trouble many people have is finding the time to sit down and work through putting together a great CV. It’s all too easy to rehash old versions and convince yourself that they do the job. You’ll then be disappointed when you get a rejection or simply never hear back.

At ABCV Solutions, we’ve got the team in place who can take the pressure off when it comes to preparing your CV for that next job application. We’ll be able to look at your skills and work experience, the job spec you’re looking at and bring them together to create an eye-catching and memorable CV that will give you more chance of reaching the interview stage.

If you want to find out how we can boost the success of your next application, contact ABCV Solutions today.