Your CV is often the first contact you make with a potential employer, and it can make or break your chances of getting to the next step in the hiring process. As simple as they may be to avoid, spelling errors are the most common mistakes we see in engineering and technical CVs.

That’s why we decided to conduct our own analysis to identify the ten most frequently misspelled words within the original CVs sent to us in 2017.

Are any of these words still lurking on your CV?

1. Liaise

2. Personnel

3. Effect / Affect

4. Necessary

5. Experience

6. Prioritise

7. Quality

8. Business

9. Colleagues

10. Separate 

Just because a word doesn’t have a red squiggly line underneath it doesn’t make it automatically correct. Mistakes happen all the time, so be sure to double and triple-check spelling even after running a spell checker. There’s something to be said for a sparkling clean CV free of any grammar or spelling errors.

If you need help with your CV or Cover Letter, visit our services page for details on how ABCV Solutions can help you. It may make the difference in a close interview race!