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Would it be bragging to say we’re the UK’s only CV writing service dedicated to engineers, IT professionals and technical specialists?

Perhaps slightly. But isn’t that what CV writing and interviews are all about? From your LinkedIn optimisation, to Interview Presentations and Social Media Management, we’ll curate your career footprint to seamlessly dovetail your history with the future you’re hungry for.

Why do our clients choose us?

Clients ask us if we use something called ‘templates’? Must be a technical term…

Tricky projects often require from-the-ground-up solutions. Showcasing your unique combination of experience and talents to a hiring manager with too many CVs and not enough time is certainly tricky.

A from-scratch, blank canvas approach is the only way to paint a vibrant, high-def portrait of your career profile that will do you justice and give hiring managers every reason to give your candidacy the weight it deserves. ‘Templates’ just isn’t in our lexicon…

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The trouble is, you’re just as unique as everyone else…

When your CV lands, you’re just another sheet in the stack. Our job is to ensure this changes the moment your CV is picked up from the pile. Our accredited writers have industry-specific knowledge of hiring processes to make the kinds of noises that will help get your foot in the door.

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Still not sold? Perhaps some free advice…

If you’re unsure about outsourcing curation of your career footprint, then at least take some free pointers. Send us your CV for free review-and-feedback with two-day turnaround, or download our free CV writing advice guide to learn about the common pitfalls.

We work with the best

ABCV Solutions is proud to work in conjunction with market experts in engineering and technical recruitment as well as industry job boards including EqualEngineersJobs and Engineering.Community.